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Billing Invoice Template In Word

invoice template in word format

Invoice templates in Word format

Billing and invoicing are essential daily functions for every business. They not only document the proof of the details of every transaction but also help in the smooth running of a business. In fact, good billing templates in word format come in handy while filing taxes as well.  

Are you a small or medium business owner looking for a decent invoice copy format in word format? 

With myBillBook, you can put all your worries to an end! It comes equipped with several templates for invoices in a Word document format that you can use according to your business requirements. 

Downloadable free invoice templates in Word

You can download a variety of invoice formats in word document templates from the myBillBook billing software, depending on your business’s invoicing needs at a particular time. 

There are various types of invoice templates that are easy to edit in a word document format. You can then save these templates as pdf or other formats as suitable for your business needs. Most of these templates are freely available and simple to edit to get the kind of design you need for your business invoice.  

After downloading these free invoice templates in word, you can also edit the templates to suit your brand logo and colour theme. These professional template designs can then be personalised to include the details of your preference. 

Benefits of using myBillBook for your billing invoice template in word needs

A word document is one of the easiest-to-edit formats for invoice and billing templates. It is very commonly used by small and medium businesses because it has the following benefits: 

Professional format: An invoice format in word template can be very easy to use and yet highly professional. This is a significant benefit for small and medium scale businesses that are just starting and want to present their best invoices to the customers. 

Completely customisable: Despite a professional undertone, these templates are fully editable to adjust to your business’s needs. You can customise its elements, formulas, components, and even the visual design. 

Simple design: The myBillBook invoice format in word template is designed in a very user-friendly and simple manner. No special skills are required, and you will not have to face any complexities while figuring out how to use the template. 

Faster billing: By selecting a billing invoice template in word, you can save and reuse that template whenever necessary. You can also save other details like client information, items of order, etc., for future use. This will enable faster billing in the future. 

Easy to print: The myBillBook invoice format in word templates are also print-friendly. Once you have selected invoice copy format in word and customised it as per your choice, you can easily print the invoice for your customers using a thermal printer. 

Green effort: With myBillBook invoice template in a word format, you can entirely avoid paper wastage by going green and sharing invoices with your clients online. These invoices can be shared using mediums like Whatsapp and emails. Contribute to a sustainable tomorrow by using paper only when it’s necessary. 

Visually appealing: In addition to making your professional invoices in a word format designed for convenient usage, you can also format them in a way that makes them look visually appealing. You can add borders, customise the logo and colour theme per your brand image and make it a delight for the eyes!

The invoice format in Word template highlights

Here are the key highlights of myBillBook invoice format in Word:

  • Highly professional yet personalised
  • Faster and easy to use
  • Printer-friendly and possible to share online
  • Aids in filing taxes with the government 
  • Multiple options to choose from, free of cost

When to use an invoice format in word for your billing and invoicing templates?

These days, there are plenty of formats available in the market to cater to the billing and invoice needs of small and medium businesses. You can choose from a word document, excel sheet, adobe photoshop, pdf, google drive (docs/sheets) etc. 

If you are confused about when to use an invoice template in word, here is all you need to know about it before you make the decision: 

  • A word template for invoice and bills is beneficial when you need a modern yet classically professional-looking invoice. You can decide whether to go for a modern invoice or not, depending on your target customer base and their adaptation to modern billing techniques. 
  • For companies with a letterhead designed for sending out professional letters, choosing a word template can be useful. The same letterhead can be used on the invoices to provide more standardisation to the business. 
  • If you need a printer-friendly invoice because your business needs you to print invoices regularly, the myBillBook invoice template in word is here for you. These printable invoice templates come with adjustable margins so that you can easily print them without missing out on essential details. 
  • You can use a word template for your invoicing requirements if it is important to you that your invoice is detailed and aesthetically pleasing. However, if your business involves multiple calculations, it may be a better idea to go for an invoice template in excel format so that you can use formulas and make your day-to-day work easy. 

The myBillBook billing and accounting software takes care of all your invoice template in word requirements and gives you the best possible options to create amazing invoices that are convenient to use. Keep the above-mentioned points in mind, and you will never face any difficulties in using an invoice format in word with the myBillBook templates. 

Standard invoices in Word format used by small businesses

Most of the invoice templates that are available in word format on the myBillBook software can be used as the following invoices by small businesses:  

  • Standard invoice: That is your basic invoice used most commonly by many businesses. It is not specific to any industry or business. It can also include the relevant tax details like the GST and can be used to file taxes later. 
  • Credit invoice: When a business has to provide a discount to a customer or credit some balance back into his/her account, you can do that using a credit invoice. 
  • Debit invoice: When a client owes some amount to your business and is not paying it right at the transaction time, you can use a debit invoice in word format. 
  • Commercial invoice: If a business ships goods internationally, it uses a commercial invoice for the relevant transactions. A commercial invoice includes details about the weight/volume of the items being shipped, their description, and the insurance and packaging details. 

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