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Business Ideas In India For Beginners: A Complete Guide

business ideas in india for beginners

India and its policies have evolved so much in time and with the rise of technology and the ease of digitalisation, it is now very convenient of being your own boss. We all have an entrepreneurial side to us but sometimes the lack of resources, investment and motivation may stop us from starting our own business. However, that has changed in the last few years. It’s extremely easy to start your own business and that too with a lower investment cost. 

Many of the business ideas now do not even require heavy investment such as factories or raw materials. You can start your business with just a few products like your laptop, phone and a few raw materials and talent. 

Now more so, with the work from home attitude and nature of work, you can have a great small business and earn good revenue from the four walls of your house. This has given rise to major 

The government has also increased the ease of doing business by providing small and medium loans for companies and self-starter businesses. There are also various platforms that help you raise funds for your business or help you connect with investors who are looking to invest in small businesses. 

The next aspect you need to understand is the risk you’re willing to take and can take for the business you want to start. Since the majority of the businesses mentioned do not require heavy investments, the capital risk is reduced, however, if you’re a breadwinner of the family or have some fixed expenses plan for the future, you should financially plan the expenses and revenue of the business you wish you start. 

Some of the business ideas for beginners in India are: 

  1. Digital Marketer
    Every business now wishes to market their business on the tons of digital platforms available such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Ads etc. For this, you need the skill set of making good ads and campaigns for the client, a good eye for detail, design and a supportive client servicing nature. 

You can start this business with just a one-man show, a phone and a laptop. No major requirements are needed and as and when your clients grow and revenue increases you can hire more people, move into an office and get into specialization. 

Investment: Low
Work from Home: Yes
Specialization Required: Digital platform knowledge, design

  1. Photography and Editing
    With the increase in photography right from baby showers, weddings, birthday parties or just for any occasion in general, the demand for good photographers has increased for the good. While there is an investment required for a good camera, you can always start with a beginner camera and as and when your clients increase and the revenue rises, you can always invest in a better camera.

    One can also teach themselves editing with the ease of photoshop and so many apps easily available. This increases your skillset and you can always hire interns and more employees as your business grows. After you are sure of your work, you should also work on getting more clients and how to sustain them. 

Investment: Medium
Work from Home: No
Specialization Required: Photography Skills

  1. Food Delivery from Home
    If you have always been the home chef or have a great hand in the kitchen, this is the business that is extremely right for you. Especially with lockdown and safety protocols, the home cooking business has increased like nothing. All you need is good products for your dishes, a client base and exciting menus that will attract customers for ordering from you. 

There is hardly any investment required but you need to figure out the delivery service for your food, the packaging boxes and label and marketing. To add an extra element, you can always consider your business as a healthy alternative since everyone is now going through the healthy route. 

Investment: Low to Medium
Work from Home: Yes
Specialization Required: Cooking Skills 

  1. Freelancing
    The freelancing business has increased in India to another level. Every person with skillsets is looking to increase their side hustle and revenue by providing freelance business services right from content writing to consulting and even social media. All you need are the skills for the service you’re providing, a platform where you can connect with clients and get projects. That’s it!

Once you’re freelance business increase you can always look at making that your full-time business. Freelancing doesn’t require any investment and you don’t even need to hire employees later on as it’s just your show that you’re running. 

Investment: Low to None
Work from Home: Yes
Specialization Required: Your field skills

  1. Wedding Planners
    India is known for its big fat Indian weddings! The wedding business and economy is one of the biggest platforms for someone to start their business. Since families and couples are busy with other wedding preparations, they’re always looking for someone who can handle all their wedding day preparations from start to finish. This includes venue, food, events and everything else that comes in between.

While being a wedding planner looks easy on the outside, it is a lot of work required, coordination with different vendors and families however the returns and revenue are also really good. The margins in a wedding planning business are very high which lets you earn well in return for hard work. 

Investment: Medium
Work from Home: No
Specialization Required: Client Servicing, Negotiations, Networking 

  1. Classes
    From cooking to being a teacher for educational subjects, financial planning, and with the advent of zoom, you can start taking online classes for people. This does not require any investment, the maximum you might need is a good laptop, a nice background setting in case of a kitchen or a whiteboard in case of studying. 

There are curious students all over the country who will be willing to take classes and this increases your business and revenue. Taking classes does not take up lots of time either. You just need to make a good business poster and market the classes well on all social media platforms. 

Investment: Low to None
Work from Home: Yes
Specialization Required: Your field skills

  1. Designer and Boutique Store
    People love dressing up and wearing designer clothes and clothes that aren’t available easily in every brand. You can always start your own designer label for men, women or kids clothing. Currently, you don’t even need a website and can start selling on Instagram directly too.

In case your business is doing great and you feel like you can expand, the next step in your business should be on opening a boutique store and letting clients come in and trying clothes for themselves. 

Investment: Medium to High
Work from Home: Yes
Specialization Required: Designer Skills, Creativity

  1. Nutritionist
    People are now very health conscious about their choices and what they eat and consume. Dieticians and nutritionist are on the rise and people are ready to pay a price for their services. 

Being a nutritionist does require some education qualifications and you need to have a reliable background as people are trusting you with their health and life. 

Investment: Low to Medium based on education
Work from Home: Yes
Specialization Required: Educational Qualifications 

  1. Consultancy Services
    While this business requires special knowledge of the field you’re working in and providing service, once you start this business of your own, you are your own boss and can conduct the business from anywhere and anytime. 

You do not need massive investment requirements and this business can be set up with just a few laptops and technology. While this is a niche market, the clients you procure in this business will give you good revenue. 

Investment: Low to Medium based on education
Work from Home: Yes
Specialization Required: Educational Qualifications 

  1. Handicrafts Re-Seller
    In case you have good connections with products and people from back home or native village, you can be a handicrafts re-seller and sell these antique products on a marketplace or on social media platforms. 

Handicrafts have a special place in everyone’s house and people are always curious and excited to have different products in their house that has a heritage value. This business does require a medium investment as you need to buy the products first and only then can you re-sell them. 

Investment: Medium to High
Work from Home: No
Specialization Required: Networking, Travelling and Creative Eye

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